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Innovating Approaches to Senior Care

Our innovative approach to senior living is unlike any other senior-living community. We believe in every resident living a fully connected, active, purposeful, and safe life.


The Legacy Senior Living has a food budget 42% higher per resident than the national average.

We provide residents with quality meals made with superior ingredients, prepared and cooked on-site by expert chefs.


Unfortunately, 46% of seniors aged 80 and older are unable to lift 10 pounds.

Not at the Legacy!

Residents who regularly participate in our exercise program experience an averageĀ strength increase of 286%.


Up to 52% of seniors that have experienced a stroke develop complications with speaking.

We use a stimulation program designed by music therapists specifically for seniors that incorporates song, movement, trivia, and reminiscence for a fully engaging mind/body workout.

Superior Care

The Legacy Senior Living has staffing ratios 21% higher than the national average.

We use advanced and predictive technology to monitor residents without infringing upon their privacy. Studies have shown that this technology can reduce falls by as much as 58%.


Medication errors are one of the most common medical mistakes, harming over 1.5 million people annually.

The Legacy utilizes a state-of-the-art medication platform ensures the correct drug, dose, route, time, and documentation for each resident to reduce common medication errors.


Over 50% of elderly adults experience some sort of neglect, abuse, or theft while residing in a senior living community.

At The Legacy Senior Living, we use modern security and 24/7 monitoring technology, including security cameras, digital sign-in, and RFID door locks.

Mental Health

55% of seniors experience some sort of social isolation that negatively impacts mental and physical health.

The Legacy keeps residents connected to family and friends through innovative programming, senior-friendly tablets, and more so residents develop strong relationships in and around the community.