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On-site staff and experienced care in our community includes:

  • Hands-on licensed nurse overseeing all care

  • Certified nurse aides

  • Certified Medication Associates

  • Responsive care

  • 24/7 wireless resident call system

  • Outpatient therapy

  • Need-based resident-to-staff ratio

We fulfill these
Six Dimensions of Wellness
for all our residents on a daily basis. We believe these are key to living a satisfying and enjoyable life.

No matter what age, physical fitness is always important to maintaining a high quality of life. Through industry-leading senior fitness programs, we’ve shown a 286% average increase in residents’ strength.
Food doesn’t just feed the body, but the mind and the soul as well. With a food budget 42% higher than the industry average, our residents can enjoy the food they love and fall in love with new ones, too!
The brain is a muscle that needs exercise like any other muscle. We try to exercise the minds of our residents whenever we can with unique programming aimed at increasing mental acuity.
We partner with several local community centers of worship to make sure that each residents’ spiritual needs are met and fulfilled. We encourage spiritual growth of every kind.
Emotional needs are just as important as physical ones. We carefully hire only the best and most compassionate caregivers to provide emotional therapy when our residents are in need.
As social creatures, we thrive on engagement with others and our community. One of the leading causes of physical decline is a lack of connection with others. At The Legacy, we place focus on activities that build connections between residents, their loved ones, community, and our staff.